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    Hi Donna I will do my best. Congrats on your son's big step. O.K. when you get his address at PI write him every day even if its just a card to say your proud and that he can make it. GO TO GRADUATION at Parris Island if any way possible we got there on Wed. went to the base and watched practice. You can't talk to him but we were able to see him. You will never forget it. After he graduates he will come home with you for 10 days, if ITB (infintry training batillion) is backed up he could get more time home for RA (recutiters assistance). The recuriter will tell him it will be so much better at ITB than Boot. It is alot harder because they are treated rough. He will get a list of stuff he needs for him to take to ITB he can get some of the stuff at Walmart but most he will get at Camp Geiger. They will make him buy some of the stuff there even if he already bought it.

    It will get better just tell him to pick his friends for ITB on who he can trust. After the second week he will start getting Libo. First weekend will be restricted to base after that he can start going off base. Most go to the mall in Jacksonville, Movies, out to eat or to the bars. They have to go with a buddy thats why he needs to pick who he can trust. There is a Wendy's on the base and an MCX. At the end of ITB there is a graduation we went I would tell you to go if at all possible because you live so far away that will be the last time that you will see him for a while. It is short and you will only have about 1 hour to see him so go. (We live in NC so I do get to see him alot). (Also my son was injured at Geiger 3 weeks in and was in medical for 7 weeks and had to start over so we saw him almost every weekend.) I know hard to let go. lol

    About an hour after graduation he will board a bus to Chesapeake VA for Security Forces school and I can give you the address. You are not allowed on the base at all. Every time he goes thru the gates he will be searched coming and going. When Brandon got to Chesapeake the school was backed up 6 weeks so tell him to be prepared to have to wait for it to start. He can buy bus tickets to VA beach or Norfolk for $5.00 each way that is very cheap! Every Friday at the base in Norfolk there is a USO concert he can get in for $5.00. Alot of the guys get hotel rooms in VA beach but it gets expensive. The base he will be at is called NSA North West Annix. We are not allowed to go to graduation, so that sucks. The base is not listed on any map it is in the middle of the woods. He will find out his PDS (permant duty station) at the end of the 4 weeks. Tell him it is alot of school work so be prepared.

    I know my family tells me I talk too much lol. If you want to know anything just let me know if I don't know I will find out. These people on the boards will become your good friends. I wouldn't have made it this far without them. Welcome to the family! .........Donna
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    Reply from JesseLeesMom:

    OMG! that is JUST what i was needing! you know, sometimes you just need something layed out for you... :) thank you so much! i'm sure we will be talking more and boot comes closer and i realize i have more questions. again - thank you so much!